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SC Johnson “Guy’s rules are simple yet he delivered them in a way that really engaged our organization in a memorable way. Unlike many presenters, he also made a tremendous effort to personalize the message to our organization.”
- Michelle Dauchy, SC Johnson

Audi “Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up company or a seasoned corporate executive, you will find Guy’s business strategies right on the mark. Our top dealers were so impressed with Guy’s presentation in 2003 that we asked him back for a second session in 2004.”
- Nancy Ellis, Audi of America

Hewlett Packard “The feedback on Guy’s presentation was very positive. Our team found Guy’s content and style both informative and entertaining.”
- Lee Ray Massey, Hewlett Packard

Guy likes to speak to organizations who want to change the world. Truth be known, Guy considers himself a better speaker than a writer, and a better writer than a doer. He is very comfortable with large audiences, and two things separate him from other speakers:

  • He is a business person who happens to speak. He is not a “professional speaker,” a “motivational speaker,” or a “guru.”

  • He customizes each speech for the audience. He needs one face-to-face or telephonic meeting before the event to make this work. A good speech requires understanding your business.

These are Guy’s favorite topics:

  • Enchantment. This speech explains how to influence people’s hearts, minds, and actions. The goal is not to get your own way but to bring about voluntary, enduring, and delightful change. The power of enchantment enables you to maneuver through difficult decisions, break entrenched habits, defy the wisdom of crowds, and get colleagues to work for long-term, mutually beneficial goals. Based on: Enchantment.

  • Innovation and product development. This speech inspires and informs companies to innovate. Guy lays out the strategic steps to create new products and services by calling upon his experience with Apple as well as his study of dozens of world-class companies. This speech is ideally suited for events whose underlying purpose is to set new standards of innovation and change the world. Based on: Rules for Revolutionaries.

  • Entrepreneurship. This speech provides the fundamental knowledge needed to start a new organization. It covers topics such as fund raising, positioning, branding, recruiting, rainmaking, and business planning. The intended audience is anyone starting anything-from two guys starting the next Google to social activists. Based on: The Art of the Start.

  • Intrapreneurship. This speech illustrates the benefits of treating every company as a startup. It inspires managers to unleash entrepreneurial thinking at established companies while compensating for the unique challenges an internal entrepreneur faces. It fosters the pluck and creativity companies need to stay ahead of the pack. Based on: The Art of the Start.

  • Evangelism, sales, and marketing. This speech enables companies to use secular evangelism to get customers, employees, and partners to believe in a product or service. I chart a complete course for the beginning evangelist that covers such topics as how to define a cause, how to identify good and bad enemies, how to deliver an effective presentation, and how to find, train, and recruit new evangelists. Based on: Selling the Dream.

  • Technology trends. This speech explains the difference between building a business at the height of exuberance, and the depths of depression, in the recent business cycles. It features practical lessons to accelerate the success of companies in current conditions, and is based on my experience as an investment banker and venture capitalist. Based on: years of suffering.

  • Competition. This speech provides companies with a blueprint for competing with other organizations for customer attention, dollars, and loyalty. It draws upon dozens of examples from technology and consumer companies to teach the audience how to ethically and effectively defeat their competition. Based on: How to Drive Your Competition Crazy

Guy has spoken for a diverse collection of organizations including Nike, Audi, Wal-Mart, Sprint, Hewlett Packard, IBM (believe it or not), Saturn, Stanford University, Haddasah, TIE, Calgary Flames, The Body Shop, MIT, Forbes, and Aveda.

Keynote Speakers, Inc.Keynote Speakers of Palo Alto, California is Guy’s exclusive agent. Please send Keynote Speakers an email to arrange for Guy to speak for your group.

Demo Video

This is a demonstration video of Guy’s speaking ability. Keynote can also provide a DVD if you’d like one.


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