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This page provides pictures and photos that you can use in reviews. You can use any of the content on this page for your review or blog post.

♦ Book Cover Pictures
♦ Photos of Guy
♦ Pictures of Enchanting People/Things

Book Cover Pictures

This is the cover of Enchantment. It features a custom-made butterfly called the Kawasaki Swallowtail designed by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander of Origamido.

JPEG: 2.4MB 1725x2625 pixels    

This is the cover of What The Plus!.

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Photos of Guy

Here are pictures that you can use of me if you need them for promotional material.

JPEG: 2.8MB   TIFF: 3.2MB
JPEG: 3.2MB   TIFF: 3.2MB
JPEG: 2.3MB      

Pictures of Enchanting People/Things

This is a collection of photos of people and things in the “hall of fame” in Enchantment. They are to use as examples in reviews and blog posts. Click an image for a high resolution version. Click the title for a description. Download the photos as a ZIP file: Download.

Antoni Gaudì 1

Antoni Gaudì 2

Istanbul 1

Istanbul 2

Istanbul 3

Jenny Lawson 1

Jenny Lawson 2

Macintosh IIci

Mike Rowe

Mustang 1

Mustang 2

Queen Latifah

Robert Scoble

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