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Selling the Dream

Selling the DreamIf you do one thing right in your career, you can live off your reputation for a long time. The thing I did right is evangelize Macintosh, and though I am nothing compared to Jesus and the disciples, I did put secular evangelism on the map. This book explains how to evangelize a product, service, or organization. Read it and reap. GIST: evangelizes evangelism so that readers can make others believe in a dream as much as they do.

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“Clearly expresses what it took us years of mistakes to learn. I would have paid many times the cover price to read it ten years ago.”
- Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Anyone interested in understanding the kinds of leadership, marketing, and strategic planning that will triumph in the nineties had better read Guy Kawasaki’s Selling the Dream. By day I find myself using ideas from this book to help my clients define their visions and marketing strategies. At night it fires entrepreneurial dreams.”
- Gifford Pinchot, author of Intrapreneuring and chairman of Pinchot & Company

“A provocative, entertaining, and pragmatic must-read book. If you want to make a difference in your company, this your handbook. Selling the Dream will restore your faith in the ability of individuals to impact large organizations.”
- Jim Young, assistant to the chairman, EDS


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